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Baccarat is the oldest of modern casino games and has traditionally been the game of the high rollers. Baccarat has also become increasingly popular among regular Casino patrons. Baccarat is a card game played with a single deck of cards and is one of the simplest games to play in the casino. The objective of the game is to predict which of the two hands that are about to be dealt (the Banker or the Player's) will have a value closest to nine.

Playing the Game

The game Baccarat is played with a single standard deck of cards. Two hands of cards are dealt, one to the Player and one to the Banker. Each hand will contain either two or three cards. If the first two cards dealt to the Player or the Banker are equal to five or less, then the respective hand will be dealt a third card.

Once the size of your wager has been determined, you must decide which of three possible bets you want to make before the cards are dealt. You can decide to bet on the Banker's hand winning, the Player's hand winning or the possibility of a tie.

The winning Baccarat hand will be the one with a value closest to nine. The value of a hand is calculated by adding up the value of the cards. Ace cards have a value of one. Face cards and Tens have no value and therefore do not contribute to the value of the hand. All other card values are treated as they appear. For example, 2 = 2, 3 = 3, 4 = 4.

If the value of a Baccarat hand exceeds nine, then the value of the hand is taken as the unit portion of the total. So, if a hand consists of an eight of clubs and a seven of captaincookss, the total for the hand will be 15. You would ignore the tens portion of that total, giving you a value of 5. Similarly, if the total value of the cards were 20, you would ignore the 2 tens portion giving you a hand value of 0.

Once the winning hand is determined the game is over. If the hand you bet on won you will be paid out according to the Payout Schedule.

Baccarat Rules

Please take note of the following rules:
  1. A 5% commission is taken from the amount won when you bet on a winning Banker's hand. Your Ante is not included in the calculation.
  2. Face cards and ten cards do not have a value in Baccarat.
  3. A tie that you did not bet on pays back your Ante.
Payout Schedule

If you have chosen the winning hand the payout will be made according to the table below.

The Winning Hand The Payout
The Banker Wins Twice the bet minus 5% commission on winnings for the House.
The Player Wins Twice the bet
A Tie Wins You win 8 times the bet.

If the hand that you chose to bet on wins, you are paid double your bet unless you bet on a tie. In that case, the payout is 8 times the amount you bet. If you win when betting on the Banker's baccarat hand the House charges a small percentage. If you have bet on a losing hand your Ante is lost. If the hands are tied and you have not bet on a tie, then your Ante will be returned.

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